About Chris

Photo courtesy of Olcan Masterson
Chris on Achill Island, Ireland, April 2007

Photo courtesy of Olcan Masterson 

Left: Chris at Achill Island, Ireland 

(photo by Olcan Masterson

Chris' passion for creativity developed as a child sketching in pencil and charcoal. As academic and professional demands increased, he had less time for art, but his creativity took a different form as he began his career as a design engineer. Now years later, Chris' artistic side has re-emerged in the form of photography. 

Chris was born and raised in New England and draws much of his inspiration from its landscape and rural charm. Refusing to be tied down to one particular subject, Chris' monochrome and color fine art photographs include western landscapes, abstracts, creative portraits, and other subjects. 

Chris lives in southern New Hampshire where he enjoys the peaceful surroundings of his home in Hollis with his family. 

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